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Discover what I can offer for your success!

Free Training Reveals Powerful Viral System that generates me up to $250+ a day on Autopilot.

Finally, I will share with you how to run a

unsuccessful business.

Here it is:

Step 1: Build the wrong business.

Make sure it’s too competitive.

Pays peanuts.

Takes forever.

Offers no control.

Feels kinda dirty/dull/pointless.

And probably won’t be around a year from now.

Step 2: Do everything yourself.

Never ask for help.

Especially not from someone who’s already successful.

And don’t invest in shortcuts.

Like: books, courses, coaching, software, services, etc.

After all, all the info’s already online, for free.

Why pay for it?


Step 3: Only hang out with people who live shitty lives.

Who complain about said shittiness.

Do precisely nothing about it.

Then make fun of anyone who does.

Step 4: Avoid anything icky.

Fear, change, discomfort, risk, embarrassment, failure.

Step 5: Indulge.

You deserve it.

Eat, drink, lounge, sleep, spend, celebrate… as much as you can.

Oh, and don’t forget 3-4 hours of Netflix a night.

That’s a must.

Step 6: Give up easily.

Like: The minute someone says no?

Or something seems difficult?

Dude, don’t be a hero.

Shut ‘er down.

Step 7: This’ll help with step six:

Always look for the next best thing.

Keep an eye out for:

Simple systems, little-known secrets, and ground-floor opportunities.

And when you see one?

Jump on it.

Step 8: Your new mantra is:

“It’s not my fault.”

Cuz it never is.

Blame anyone or anything - just not yourself.

When in doubt, make it about politics.

Step 9: Be selfish.

Only do what’s good for you.

Who cares about customers and clients?

Or changing lives?

Or leaving a legacy?

Or being proud of your work?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Step 10: Be miserable.

This way, you’ll expect the worst.

Be critical of everything.

Worry too much.

Lack of gratitude.

Live in the past.

Get caught up in the drama.

Be filled with envy.

And all sorts of self-sabotaging qualities.

…That’s it.

In just 10 easy steps, you, too, can be a financial failure.

Or, you could do the opposite...

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